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Logan Glass Company is committed to providing you with a variety of glazing needs, from storefront or curtainwall systems, to architectural glass and custom fabrication. Logan Glass also provides and installs 1/2" tempered glass door and panel systems options varieties of finish and hardware choices to meet your architectural needs.

Store Fronts and CutainWall Systems


Condor Street Warehouse, Built 1910, East Boston, Mass

Storefront Frames and Entrances to include Door and Window installation on new construction projects are the finishing touches of architectural planning; as well as retro-fitting older jobs on residential and commercial buildings. Curtainwall systems can enhance the facade of a building and give a new modern look as well as provided added features of day lighting and solar gain and thermal comfort.

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Glass Shower Enclosures


Glass Shower Enclosure with Corner Detail

Modern architectural planning is including roomier and odd shaped enclosures for standup showers. People find these places a little too tight with conventional doors and enclosures. They prefer glass, it makes the bath space larger and you can appreciate the tile artisans work and beauty. Glass enclosures lets the natural or artificial light through better than walls and people more refreshed coming out of the shower with glass walls.

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Mirrors and Glass


Mirror Wall System

We offer a wide variety of mirrored glass options for Custom walls and Ceilings. We cut mirrors to any size and shape. Sand Blasting and Beveling is also an option to further beautify your mirrors edge. We have a large selection of beveled an framed mirrors.

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Glass Top Furniture Protection


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